“Deeper Than Perfection”


Insurance suitability is paramount. We have an insurance of $750,000 on hook cargo.

Kindly communicate clearly about your car’s pickup and drop-off points. If there are potential hurdles at these sites, notifying us is a good idea in advance to avoid complications later.

Your vehicle’s condition during transit is important to us. While regular cars are commonly exposed to the elements during shipping, your luxury car might appreciate our protection-enclosed car shipping services.

It depends on your opted service. Generally, it takes around 1-4 weeks to arrive your vehicle at your desired destination. Circumstances and urgencies may vary with service and demand.

Shipping your exotic car allows you to bring it along on vacations or to transport it when moving safely. Our auto shipping service guarantees full protection for your precious vehicle, ensuring it reaches its destination effectively and without superfluous wear and tear.

Over the years, we’ve facilitated auto carrier needs for many luxury car brands such as Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati, Porsche, and Shelby, among many others.

Transportation of an exotic vehicle usually entails extra precautions due to its higher value than regular cars, typically shipped in open transport trucks. We recommend and provide classic car transport in a fully enclosed auto carrier to keep your exotic car safe.

In most instances, transferring your car directly to your residence or location of choice is entirely possible. However, certain road conditions may complicate drop-off in such cases, we’ll make every effort to arrange a delivery that is as convenient for you as possible.

Absolutely. Our insurance covers your classic car, but we advise you to explore and agreement any supplementary coverage options from your insurance provider.

The cost of exotic car shipping can differ immensely due to car make, model, and destination factors. However, transportation of an exotic car can be expensive, given its value. Other influencing factors include seasonal demand and fleet availability during the season, especially in the fall and summer.

We do offer enclosed containers for Luxury auto transport services. To ensure utmost protection and to keep your luxury vehicle secluded from potential thefts, we highly advocate the concept of enclosed auto carriers for exotic cars.

The primary distinction between enclosed auto and luxury car transport involves the protection level offered. Enclosed auto transport ensures the vehicle is fully enclosed within a trailer, safeguarding it from environmental factors and potential damages from other vehicles in transit.

Even though enclosed auto transport tends to be more costly than open car transport, the additional expense justifies the security provided, particularly when ensuring the safe arrival of your vehicle to its intended destination is a priority.

We prohibit including electrically reliant items (like TVs) while in transit. Restrictions may also extend to potentially dangerous substances (flammable materials), living organisms (pets or other animals), and items prone to spoilage (like foodstuffs).

Absolutely! As a standard procedure, vehicles should be empty of personal belongings, carry no more than a quarter fuel tank, maintain working brakes, and have a functional steering system. Checking all other fluids is also crucial before shipment. Furthermore, any aftermarket additions should be secured rightfully to prevent potential damage during the car’s transit.