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Experience swift, reliable, and secure Light Duty Towing Services by Exotic in the USA.

Nobody plans for roadside woes and vehicle moving challenges, but we plan for you. Our Light Duty Towing service is always ready for those sudden breakdowns or challenging pickups. With a fleet of specially equipped 6’4″ clearance tow trucks and an expert team of drivers ready to respond swiftly, we turn a challenging situation into a smooth resolution. Don’t let a bump in the road slow you down trust us to have your back!


Scope of Light-Duty Towing Services by Exotic

Light-duty towing encompasses a wide range of auto carrier needs in the US. No matter breakdowns occur in the most inconvenient locations, it’s Exotic’s services to the rescue.

Auto dealerships can also take advantage of light-duty towing facilities. The transfer of vehicles, quick and undamaged, is a promise kept.

Accidents are sudden. Immediate and efficient towing is often required. Our service ensures just that – fast and secure.

Motorcycle enthusiasts find their vehicles treated with utmost care. Exotic offers specialized modern equipment for motorcycle towing.

Guaranteeing Damage-Free Vehicle Towing Services by Exotic

Are you concerned about potential damage during the towing process? With Exotic’s light-duty towing services, your vehicle is safe. Our team of highly skilled professionals and state-of-the-art equipment ensure that your car is protected from any harm.

We’re dedicated to getting your vehicle to its destination and ensuring it arrives without additional damage. With Exotic, you can trust that our priority is the safety and well-being of your prized possessions. We stand by our promise of delivering damage-free towing every time


Why Choose Exotic's Light-Duty Towing Services

Enter into a sphere of top-class, reliable, light-duty towing services with Exotic. Expertly crafted to meet diverse needs, our team ensures swift, damage-proof transportation of your vehicle.

Top-Grade Equipment

Exotic utilizes industry-leading machinery for towing. We ensure the safe transportation of your vehicle with high-quality straps, hooks, and winches, minimizing the risk of damage.

Expertly-Trained Personnel

Our team comprises experienced and skillful professionals. Their proficiency in handling diverse towing situations guarantees top-notch service and customer satisfaction.


Quick Response Time

Exotic prides on swift dispatch abilities, so help arrives promptly. Your vehicle’s towing process becomes smoother and stress-free.

Extensive Coverage

Our broad service reach caters to varying light-duty towing needs across the US. We’re dedicated to helping, regardless of location.


Competitive Pricing

Quality service doesn’t have to be pricey! At Exotic, enjoy superior light-duty towing service at competitive rates, ensuring value for money.

Real-life Benefits of Professional Towing Services

Roadside Breakdown Aid

Imagine you're stranded due to a sudden vehicle breakdown. Exotic arrives promptly, alleviating your stress and providing immediate help.

Safe Transit

Avoid parking your damaged car roadside overnight. We ensures that your vehicle is transported safely to a repair shop, reducing the risk of theft or further damage.

Expert Car Handling

Accidents can feel overwhelming. Please leave it to our professionals at Exotic to handle complex situations with precision, providing you peace of mind.

Efficient Process

Are you stuck in a parking structure with a dead battery? Save time and effort by calling us- we can swiftly tow your car to your preferred service station.

Decoding the Cost of Towing Services

Contrary to popular opinion, professional towing services like Exotic offer exceptional service at competitive rates. The cost typically depends on factors such as the type of tow and distance covered.

At Exotic, we pride ourselves on providing affordable, transparent pricing, ensuring you receive top-quality service without hidden fees. So, there is no need to worry about expenses when needing reliable towing.


Don't Get Towed Down by Car Troubles!

Caught in a bit of a jam? Drop the stress and pick up the phone! Turn to Exotic’s professional towing service, offering timely aid, skilled handling, and affordable rates.

A smooth rescue from all vehicle woes is just a call away. So, reach out now and tow away your Troubles!