“Deeper Than Perfection”

Deluxe Roadside Assistance by Exotic

We provide first-class Motor Club Services as a reliable partner for roadside assistance for Luxury Cars in the USA.

At Exotic, we understand the value of your delicate taste in wheels. In association with VIP motor clubs, we certify safe and reliable towing of your luxury chariots with premium auto storage services in major cities and locations nationwide. Our fleet isn’t just adept it’s insured up to $750,000 on hook cargo. So, relax and sip your coffee while we handle your precious vehicle with the diligence it deserves.


Reliable Rescue with Exotic Luxury Auto Carrier

When your luxury vehicle faces an unexpected failure, wouldn’t a prompt and reliable service be what you seek? That’s what you get with Exotic Luxury Auto Carrier. We pride ourselves on our broad-ranging affiliation with renowned roadside assistance providers such as Agero, Urgently, and More. We collaborate with them to provide seamless services when you need them the most. When you choose us, we offer more than just a quick fix. Our top-level engagement deals with your car with the utmost care, maintaining standards that befit a luxury car. From skilled dispatchers to advanced tools, we ensure absolute professionalism throughout.  

Roadside Motor Clubs – Offering Professional Roadside Assistance Services

Luxury Vehicle Towing Services

Swiftly handles roadside emergencies with our efficient towing services, crafted explicitly for luxury vehicles.

Reliable Luxury Vehicle Rescue

Rely on us for immediate rescue services for your luxury vehicles, available any day or anytime to swiftly get you back on track.

Dependable Roadside Assistance

Trust our professional roadside assistance for swift solutions to unexpected hitches with your luxury vehicle.

Preserving Luxury: Premium Auto Storage Services

Under our Roadside Motor Clubs services, we also benefit our clientele from auto storage. Collaborating with motor service providers across the US, we ensure that your luxurious automobile is cared for with the utmost consideration. These secure, climate-controlled storage facilities are designed with your luxury vehicle in mind, providing the ideal environment beyond the road.

From short-term protection to long-term preservation, our storage services adapt to your needs while maintaining the vehicle’s value. So, whether it’s seasonal storage or long-term safe-keeping, trust us to deliver superior storage solutions for your prized possession.


Get Technically Driven Roadside Motor Clubs Services

Superior Services

High-grade roadside assistance and auto storage, executed by trained professionals in synchronous with industry standards.

Operational Efficiency

Rapid support reduces vehicular downtime, optimizing the unit's functional lifespan and usability.

Asset Safeguarding

Integral measures deployed by our experts contribute to maintaining your luxury vehicle's market value and mechanical vitality.

Economic Viability

Our service packages blend cost-effectiveness and versatility, offering remarkable service delivery and expenditure value.

Extensive Roadside Assistance Network Across the US

Driven by a commitment to ensure your luxury vehicle’s safety at every turn, we’ve established a vast coverage network for roadside assistance across the US. Thanks to our solid affiliations and robust business relationships with premier roadside assistance providers, an unexpected breakdown won’t leave you stranded.

Wherever you are, trust our friendly team’s responsiveness, coming to your aid swiftly and efficiently. With Exotic Luxury Auto Carrier, you’re never alone on the road. Enjoy peace of mind, secure within our far-reaching safety net.