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Dealership Services

In luxury automobiles, each brand represents an extraordinary legacy of expertise, innovation, and sophistication. At Exotic Luxury Auto Carriers, we appreciate and acknowledge the outstanding prestige that superior brands hold in the automobile industry.

We specialize in the transportation of luxury vehicles for dealerships, offering a matchless level of service and care to your precious cargo.

The Thrill of Luxury Cars and its Delivery

The excitement surrounding the big reveal of a pristine, exclusive luxury car at a dealership cannot be overstated. However, this experience depends to a great extent on the quality of delivery service the dealership employs.

A luxury car dealership wants freight services that reflect their dealership’s reputation – top-tier, reliable, and professional.

Tailored Services for Luxury Auto Dealers

Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers facilitate the transportation of high-end automobiles for luxury car dealerships committed to providing their clients with pristine vehicles.

Our services are specially tailored to meet the exclusive requirements of dealing in premium automobiles, with the following distinct features:

1.    White-glove Handling

Our white-glove handling service is not just a feature but an integral part of our commitment to superior quality. In this service, every vehicle is treated with consideration and attentiveness.

Our dedicated auto logistics team, trained and insured in the care of luxury vehicles, ensures that each car is handled with the highest respect. This meticulous care ensures the prevention of any undue scratches, dings, or damages.

2.    Enclosed Auto Transport

An essential aspect of our service offering is the enclosed auto transport. We equip every transport venture with a state-of-the-art, enclosed auto shipping service. The enclosed carriers protect luxury vehicles from external elements like unpredictable weather and damaging road conditions.

This service ensures that your luxury cars arrive in the showrooms in pristine condition, without a hint of wear and tear from the transportation journey.

3.    Doorstep Delivery

We take complete charge of the delivery process, ensuring a hassle-free transportation experience for dealers. Our doorstep delivery service implies that vehicles are shipped from the manufacturer and delivered directly to your dealership.

This service eliminates unnecessary handling, preserving the quality of the vehicle and maintaining absolute security throughout the transit process.

4.    Comprehensive Insurance

To give our clients peace of mind, Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers offers comprehensive insurance coverage for each vehicle transported. Providing this insurance is indicative of our confidence in the service we deliver.

However, it also functions as a safety net that takes care of any unexpected occurrences during transportation. Therefore, dealers can rest assured knowing their valuable inventory is protected completely.

5.    Real-Time Tracking

We understand the importance of transparency and reliability in our line of work. Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers integrates real-time tracking in all its auto shipping operations. Dealers can have complete insight into their vehicle’s journey with live updates and detailed reports.

This way, dealers can maintain full awareness of their shipment’s status, developing confidence in our ability to safeguard and promptly deliver their precious inventory.

Why Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers?

Our reputation for quality service and reliability sets us apart as the premier choice among luxury auto carriers. Here’s why you should consider our services:

§  Flawless Delivery Timing

Time relevance is paramount in our approach to service delivery. We obey timelines, adhere strictly to schedules, and never waive promised delivery dates. It ensures that your dealership operations run smoothly and efficiently.

§  Experienced Personnel

Our team, comprised of well-up professionals trained in luxury car treatment, presents the ultimate asset. They deploy proprietary techniques to carry, load and unload vehicles, ensuring meticulous care for every inch of your luxurious vehicles.

§  Vast Network

Our expansive network of VIP clubs spans the length and breadth of the country, accommodating transportation arrangements to and from any location. Regardless of where a dealership is situated, we’re capable of effectively managing the logistics of luxury car transportation.

§  Competitive Pricing

Despite delivering premium services, our pricing policy retains a competitive edge. We understand the value of your investment in luxury cars, and we assure you that our services offer excellent value for the money invested.

The Competitive Edge for Dealerships

In the high-end automotive sector, dealerships strive to provide their clientele with an exceptional buying experience that resonates with the vehicles’ luxury. One major component of this high-quality experience lies in how the dealership manages the transportation of these luxurious automobiles.

Partnering with a premium transportation service like Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers offers several advantages to position a dealership positively in this elite market space.

As per a report by McKinsey & Company, timely delivery of vehicles is one of the key aspects affecting a dealership’s reputation among consumers. Our commitment to punctual and reliable delivery ensures your business operations run seamlessly, increasing client satisfaction. This, in turn, enhances your dealership’s reputation, earning you a competitive edge in the luxury car market.

Moreover, the market Research Firm J.D. Power emphasizes the significance of delivering vehicles in impeccable condition to meet customers’ expectations. Our white-glove handling, comprehensive insurance, and enclosed transport guarantee that each vehicle arrives immaculately at your dealership, further boosting customer satisfaction.

Additionally, our competitive pricing allows dealerships to avail of these top-tier services without blowing their logistics budget. This enables them to offer clients more competitive pricing on premium vehicles, which can be another crucial differentiator in a highly competitive market.

By streamlining the logistical hurdles of transporting luxury cars, Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers enhances dealerships’ operational efficiencies and indirectly influences the end consumer’s experience. Being ahead of the competition in such minute yet critical aspects marks the difference between a good and great dealership.

Experience the competitive edge with Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers for your premium car transportation needs. Contact us today for a value-focused solution.

An Insight into the Auto Transportation Industry

  • The Global Auto Transportation Market is expected to reach nearly $300 billion by 2025 (Acumen Research and Consulting, 2019).
  • With increased luxury car sales, dealerships increasingly rely on specialized freight services.
  • 1 out of 5 cars shipped in 2019 was a luxury car (American Automobile Association, 2020), and this trend is set to increase in the future.

Dealership Centric Services

Besides exceptional transportation, Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers also provides dealership-specific services known for their exemplary characteristics:

Dealership to Dealership Transfer

Our team efficiently handles the logistical aspects of shipping vehicles between dealerships. We ensure that the vehicles are safely delivered to the required dealership.

Newly Released Vehicle Transport

Getting the latest models into your showrooms promptly is crucial. We specialize in delivering newly released vehicles directly from manufacturers to your dealership.

Trade Show/Exhibition Services

Exhibitions and trade shows present great opportunities for luxury car dealerships to showcase their inventory. We ensure your vehicles reach their destination in time and perfect condition and help move them back to your dealership after the event.

Fleet Delivery

Exotic-luxury auto Carriers are the go-to choice when delivering a luxury vehicle fleet. Our skilled experts will coordinate and complete the move professionally and efficiently.

The Assurance of Enclosed Transport

Car dealerships that sell luxury vehicles need the assurance of a safe and secure transportation method for their high-end inventory. This is where the need for an enclosed auto transport service comes in:

Environment Protection

Enclosed carriers shield vehicles from harsh weather conditions, harmful UV rays, and potential road debris. Protection against rust, dust, and vehicle surface damage makes this option a favorite among luxury car dealerships.

Insurance Advantage

High-value vehicles transported in enclosed carriers usually attract higher levels of insurance coverage due to the added protection provided.

Additional Security

Enclosed trailers offer increased security against theft or vandalism, ensuring peace of mind.

Superior Equipment

Enclosed transports often use specialized equipment, ensuring that low-clearance vehicles are loaded and unloaded without causing any damage.

In-Transit Protection Measures

Our service does not stop at delivering vehicles we also undertake essential in-transit protection measures:

Wheel Chocking

Wheel chocks are wedges of sturdy material placed closely against a vehicle’s wheels to prevent accidental movement.

Premium Straps

We use soft, cloth-lined straps fitted with compatible ratchet fasteners to ensure no damage is caused to the vehicle.

Detailed Inspections

We conduct detailed inspections before and after transport, documenting every detail and sharing the information with the dealership.

Covered Floors

The vehicle is placed on a hard-wearing, covered floor designed to capture minor leaks and prevent them from affecting other cars.

Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers offers holistic service, prioritizing customer satisfaction and value for money. Transporting a luxury vehicle is much more than moving an object from point A to point B. It’s about maintaining and upholding the vehicle’s value, elegance, performance, and the dealership’s reputation.

Interested in learning more about our value-added services for dealerships? Wait no longer! Contact Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers today for a free quote for your luxury vehicle transportation needs. Let us provide you with the stellar customer service that your dealership and luxury vehicles deserve.

Pros and Cons of Using Dealership Services

As a luxury car dealership, the decision to utilize dealership services in the transportation of vehicles presents various advantages and a few challenges. Here is an in-depth analysis of both aspects.

Advantages of Dealership Services

Dealership services streamline the process of moving vehicles from manufacturer locations to showrooms. They remove the stress of organizing logistics, leaving dealerships to focus on their core responsibilities.

The right service provider ensures prompt delivery while upholding the vehicle’s integrity. The benefits include transparent communication, comprehensive insurance, and premium tools and equipment designed for the job.

Challenges of Dealership Services

While the advantages of dealership services are evident, some areas may cause hesitation among dealers. One prominent concern is the cost, as premium services can come with significant price tags.

Additionally, entrusting high-value inventory to a third party involves risk, raising concerns about potential damages during transport, insurance issues, and delivery delays.

Mitigating strategies by Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers

The challenges are real however, they become a non-issue when you do business with Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers. We address cost concerns by maintaining a competitive pricing model that offers value for money.

As for the risk involved, our commitment to professionalism, transparency, and safety sets us apart. Our enclosed transportation service ensures the safety of vehicles from adverse weather and accidents, while comprehensive insurance provides peace of mind.

Delays are mitigated by meticulous planning and communication. We offer real-time tracking, ensuring transparency and allowing dealerships to know exactly where their vehicles are at all times.

Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers stand as the ultimate partner for dealers, equipping them with benefits and mitigation strategies needed to ensure seamless luxury vehicle transportation. Every consignment with us is handled with the utmost attention and care, demonstrating our commitment to maintaining the prestigious reputation of your dealership.

Wrap Up

In the exquisite world of luxury automobiles, trust forms the bedrock upon which lasting business relationships are built. At Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers, we deeply value the trust our clients place in us and reflect it through our impeccable transportation services.

We understand that as a dealership, your success is not only characterized by the luxury vehicles you sell but also by the seamless delivery and the impeccable condition of these exotic rides once they reach your showroom. Our comprehensive services, from white-glove handling to enclosed shipping and real-time tracking, are all designed to reinforce trust and reliability.

Our commitment to quality extends beyond simple transportation. With our team of seasoned professionals, we meticulously manage every detail from pick-up to delivery, ensuring that every vehicle reaches its destination in pristine condition.

Moreover, our commitment to transparency keeps you informed about your vehicle’s journey. With real-time tracking, we not only update you about the current location of your vehicle but also provide an estimated arrival time.

In essence, we don’t just move vehicles we offer a complete transportation service experience that aligns with the luxury and prestige of the vehicles you deal with. At Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers, our goal is to provide a level of service that matches and enhances your dealership’s reputation for quality.

Engage with us today and allow us to handle your next luxury auto shipment. Experience the remarkable professionalism, punctuality, and care that differentiates us in luxury auto transportation.

Need a reliable and professional service for your luxury auto transportation needs?

Contact Exotic – Luxury Auto Carriers today, where our dedicated team ensures your exclusive vehicles’ safe and timely delivery.

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